Here’s an excerpt of an article I wrote for Lifeway Voices on the imago Dei and the pro-life movement.

You might have missed it over the Christmas break, but in late December images were circulating on the internet featuring crowds of women sporting green handkerchiefs and celebrating in the streets of Argentina. The reason? After nearly two decades of unsuccessful efforts, the nation’s government passed a law decriminalizing abortion, allowing pregnancies to be terminated up to 14 weeks gestation.

As I saw those images, I was reminded of a similar scene that took place in the New York State Senate chamber almost two years ago. In that instance, state lawmakers had just passed a bill legalizing abortion at any stage of pregnancy, at which point the legislators and onlookers erupted into applause and adulation. Footage of that event featuring elected officials and abortion proponents cheering the bill’s passage quickly went viral and drew significant attention to the state’s radical abortion laws.

And as I recall both scenes, I still find them chilling.

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