Recommended Reading

In the summer of 2017, I was asked by Intersect to name one book I would recommend for Christians interested in faith and culture. Below is my response, as well as a link where you will find other recommendations.

Someone recommended this book to me several years ago, and I didn’t listen. Earlier this year, I finally took the time to read this collection of essays from Dr. George and immediately regretted my failure to heed such wise counsel in a more timely fashion.

In Conscience and Its Enemies, you will find a sure and steady guide to some of the most fundamental moral and political questions of our time. Dr. George is perhaps America’s leading conservative thinker on the issues of religious liberty, marriage and human dignity. He writes with wit and verve. His arguments are lucid and air tight. And his conclusions are deeply consequential. Agree or disagree with Dr. George’s convictions, but you owe it to yourself to contend with his reasoning.

See the entire list.