Experimental Barbarism: Why Drafting Women is Wrong

Below is an excerpt from an article that I co-authored with my colleague, Andrew T. Walker. The article was published by the Religious Freedom Institute.

Under the pretenses of patriotism and equality, Americans are being confronted with a moral dilemma. As the American people now contend with the morality of forcing women to register for Selective Service—the draft—a larger question looms over the discussion. Will American society forever dismiss the distinction between male and female?

Though such a quandary seemed inevitable in our progressive age, the precipitating event was the fateful pronouncement in December 2015 that all US military combat roles, without exception, would be opened to women. That statement, issued by Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, ignited speculation about the prudence of mandating women to register for the draft. In the intervening months, there has been endless discussion concerning the religious and moral considerations bound up in such an act. For our part, the answer is a resounding no. Women should not now—or ever—be forced into military conscription.

There is no valor in requiring a woman to be subjected to the brutalities of a wartime foxhole where unimaginable horrors are played out in real life. For the same reason, there is no need to forcibly compel women into military service. Should the day arrive where the U.S. military were dependent upon female combatants to win a war, the United States will have already lost its most important battles. A nation relying on female combatants has been brought to its knees by political correctness and has lost all trappings of male and female differentiation. It is a nation denying creation and reality in favor of anti-creation and anti-reality.

You can find the entire article here.